Friday, September 21, 2012

Google, Googlee, Goo!

I got a robocall, which I hate. "DO YOU WANT TO BE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF GOOGLE?" I pressed 1, and when a human answered I went, "Googleegoogleegoo" in a funny voice. He says, "YES!" I say, "GOOGLE?" He says, "You want to be on the front page of Google?" I say, "Ahhhh, Gooooooogle!!!" Then it gets fun. Dude starts playing along. "YAHOO!" "GOOGLE!" "YAHOO!" "GOOOOGLE GOOOOGLE!" "YAHOOO YAHOOO YAHOOO YAHOOOO!" We have this huge fake fight yelling google and yahoo at each other. He laughs and says "Alright boss, you have a good weekend." I say, "Yeah, you too." I wish I had it in my power to give that guy a raise.

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