Thursday, May 10, 2012

Super Job

Started out as a good day. My daughter was having fun releasing lady bugs into the garden with our fun neighbor. She then started with stickers and one reading "Super Job!" made it onto my face. I kissed my girls and headed out.

I was happy as I walked to Luna's Cafe for my weekly show. The good streak continued when I got there, hanging out with good friends before the show and seeing an awesome crowd file in.
Things remained good through funny sets until the headliner got on and that is when the dog started barking.

The dog was tied to a post outside of the bar across the street while it's owner drank inside. My lady bug loving neighbor went over and pet the dog. The owner came out and she let him know that the dog didn't seem very happy. He played with the dog for a minute and went right back inside. The barking continued. Lady bug went back and pet the dog some more, but it kept barking now because its owner was standing at the door watching with a bemused smirk on his face. I crossed the street and confronted the dude.

"Hey whose dog is this?"


"Because its barking."

"Why does that matter?"

"Because we have a show across the street and the comedian shouldn't have to compete with your dog. Its obnoxious."

"I'll take care of it."

"When will you take care of it."

"Look bro, I said I'd take care of it."

"Well, you haven't. Its been too long already and you're telling me you'll take care of it as you stand there smirking at me and doing nothing while your dog continues barking."

At this point the guy stepped toward me and puffed up. I asked him why he was getting aggro.

"I'm not aggro."

"You're not? This looks like aggro to me. Can you tell me what it looks like when you are aggro?"

I watched him clench his jaw. He was clearly getting very angry. I got ready to fight hoping I wouldn't have to. I could almost hear the click as he decided to stop this train and avoid things getting out of control. He breathed out and calmly said "Its fine man. I'll take the dog home."

As I crossed the street he said "You guys enjoy your show. Have a good night."

I sat down, took a deep breath and as I calmed down I realized that I'd had the entire interaction with a "Super Job" sticker on my face. I love my little girl.


Anonymous said...

Well played, *rock* *ass* *dot* *net*...drinks on me, next time I see you - Brenn

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