Monday, May 21, 2012

Eating, checking facebook, waiting for flight, life on the road is so glamorous!
Big plane to Vancouver, tiny plane to Kamloops, sat 37 people, had propellers.
The car from Kamloops to the convention was bigger than the plane we flew in on.
Woah! Had no idea we weren't just part of the regular convention package. Nope, hear all the smart people you want, but when its time for for dick jokes and dinner you pony up 50 bones extra!
(They don't actually use bones as tender in Canada, they have seashells.)

Sure, Caitlin looks happy enough, but she is SO done hearing my voice at this point, you know, because its so soothing and she didn't want to be lulled into a peaceful state of euphoria as that is bad for comedy.

The 7:55 train from Oakland was cancelled. We'd have to wait for the 8:55, oh, no, wait, they got us a bus which would make all kind of wrong turns and end up getting us to town so late the 8:55 train actually beat us here. Awesome.

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