Friday, February 18, 2011

Generically Hipsterish

I'm thirty eight years old. I've never been embraced by the kids I considered hip kids, not when I was a kid and certainly not now. For the most part I realize that hipster is a relative term but the people it's assigned to tend to be gentle, artistic creative types who may think they're better than you or you may be projecting that because of your own insecurities about bold fashion choices and artistic risk taking. I think of the rednecks telling the hippies to cut their hair or the jocks who'd beat up punks just for looking weird. I've always liked "hipsters" more than I like the people that call them hipsters.

I was very pleased to find out my documentary was being reviewed by The Video Librarian. I'm still quite pleased at the mostly positive review. But I'm surprised, amused and a little disappointed at the reviewer's decision to describe me as "generically hipsterish". It seems journalistically lazy and as I think I illustrated above, inaccurate as well.

The reason I try to find humor while examining a serious subject probably has more to do with me being a comedian then being someone's idea of a hipster. My thinking was that a spoon full of sugar was needed to make the medicine go down. I highly doubt this film would be getting the notice it's getting if it featured a mostly unknown comedian with no budget taking a hard, serious look at panhandlers and the myths that surround them.

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