Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 MORE Myths About Ronald Reagan

I read a great article on 5 of the most pervasive myths about former President Ronald Reagan and decided that in honor of the man's 100th birthday I needed to offer up my personal 5 favorite myths. I hope you'll take the time to read the original well thought out and well reasoned article here: after reading my hastily written and completely juvenile response.

5 More Myths About Ronald Reagan
1. He Loved Jelly Beans. This was just a cover up for his delight in eating the hearts of baby horned owls, which can sometimes be said to resemble jelly beans.

2. He Was a Popular Actor in Westerns. No, John Wayne was a popular actor in westerns. Ronald Reagan was covert cheese cake for a society not ready to embrace it's homosexual tendencies but deeply fond of cute cowboys and monkey sidekick hi-jinx.

3. He Had Fabulous Hair. While it is undeniable that the hair was fabulous I'd argue that the hair had Reagan more than vice versa. With apologies to Tom Robins I like to think of Reagan as fabulous hair's invention to transport itself.

4. Reagan was a spokesperson for and on the payroll of such large corporations as General Electric, MCA, Borax, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This is is completely bogus. Reagan never worked for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

5. Reagan was a demon, vampire and/or zombie. No, no, nothing so cool as that. He was just a greedy, selfish, xenophobic old man who would sell out even his own self serving ideals to the highest bidder.

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