Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Is a bible study page using a misspelled version of my blog's url to convert bad typists? Wow, that's flattering!

How weird is this. My blog is at http://keithlowelljensen.blogspot.com but it you type it too fast and accidentally write blogpsot instead, you get a bible study page.

Yeah, http://keithlowelljensen.blogpsot.com/ is a bible study page. Um... does that make me famous or infamous at least? Someone spent money to register a misspelled version of my blog's url to trick people to their bible study page. Wow, I am notorious! Thank you for the ego boost AZT, whoever the hell you are.


Patrick said...

That happens with *any* mistyped blogspot address.

KLJ said...

Dang Patrick, way to kill my buzz! I don't want the truth, I want to feel good.

Patrick said...

Sorry! At least I didn't tell you on facebook where people are actually reading!