Thursday, July 16, 2009

My set list for The Improv Tonight

Knock Knock
Answering The Door Naked
As long as they're offered a reward at the end
Christians want to pray for me.
God Heals Them

The Muslim's SIgning Incentive
72 Virgins
Ever Been with a Virgin?
More experience required, not an entry level position
How insecure are you?
Raisins, my favorite dried fruit- pissed of and horny, two scoops
Aren't you afraid?

called tech support
They Know How Dumb We Are.
Wheel of Samsara
SIkhs- They have a message for us

Why I don't pick on The Jews Closer, cut to this joke if time runs short
Anti-Semitic on Accident X-tra material if time left

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