Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Contest. Why?

Shit. I do a great set, I feel good, then I enter a contest. Time between entering and actually performing in contest is spent realizing I hate contests. I am confident that I have something special to offer, that I am prolific and that I manage to be funny while tackling subject matter that means a-lot to me. But when I have to do my best five minutes and put it up against everyone else's best five in front of a crowd and in front of judges that aren't necessarily my demographic I get really insecure.
I feel like I'm the turtle in this race. The hare being these young comics who are better than me at just getting up there and not giving a shit and just cracking up any crowd, any time. Of course the turtle has stamina and keeps going and doesn't burn out but damn, the turtle has to spend a-lot of time with that freakin' rabbit in front of him and it gets pretty damn discouraging.
Ah well. Competition, August 5th, The Purple Onion. Come cheer me on. :D

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