Thursday, July 16, 2009

More on Career Strategy

First off, just so I don't come off as a pompous ass, these posts on strategy are not meant to be a guide to how it's done being written by someone who hasn't yet "done it."
These are my thoughts on how I'm attempting to do it and what strategies I'm applying. I keep adjusting as things work and fail.

For now, I'm digging going to out of town shows and having people know me. YouTube had given me that more than anything else. YouTube is also paying me. It's not a-lot but I can see it increasing especially as I add subscribers in the dozens every day. So, I'm going to continue to put a heavy focus on YouTube.

I want to put more stand up on YouTube which means being more disciplined about taping every set. I'm performing two or three shows a week which isn't quite enough but it's better than I have done in the past. My stage fright is all but gone with just a bit of nervousness, usually before a small show more than before a big show oddly enough.

I'm just weeks from having my CD up for sale, then comes my book and then the DVD release of Why Lie I Need A Drink. It will be interesting to see what having product does to the bottom line. I'm optimistic.

For now I'm in LA about to go up at The Improv for the third time in less than a year. I used to fantasize about taking that stage and now I feel like I'm getting familiar with it.

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