Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Whats it take to get impeached?

You can start a war on false pretenses, when you're caught you can change the rational behind the war nevermind that it's already begun.

You can ignore the majority of congress and the country, even when your own party starts realizing how badly you've botched things up.

You can spend crucial years claiming that global warming is not an issue and then you can completely change your tune and say that it's a top priority without ever explaining why you denied it's importance for so long.

You can refuse to co-operate with investigations, even ignoring subpenoes issued by the courts.

Your administration can be associated with every catastrophe from Enron to the mishandling of Katrina.

Your veep's former employer can get insane no-bid contracts in Iraq.

Your Secretary of State can be a former employee of big oil

You can be majorly invested in big oil.

You can out an undercover operative and then commute the sentence of the one member of your administration who is actually held accountable.

You can be the most mush mouthed, bumbling idiot ever to disgrace the office.

You can hide out the Vietnam draft in the most cowardly fashion and then make your opponent look like the coward when he's a decorated veteran.

You can, and this one really gets me, refuse to testify before the 9-11 commission without your veep sitting next to you? What the hell was that?

These are great times for being president. You can get away with anything. Just how much can you get away with? Well, it seems we'll find out, as George is determined to push it as far as it will go. I predict impeachment. Not based strictly on his deeds but also on his brazen disregard for congress and the American people.

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