Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gold Club Centerfolds = BIG RIP OFF! ! !

I went there for my buddy's bachelor party. We got talked into a "Silver, bachelor party package for $200. This would include three dances for said buddy, in private, and a "shower show." Fast talk, and one dude who sort of crashed our party giving it the hard sale, and us idiots bought it, BUT we still had to pay $15 each to get in. And the ATM machine, provided for our convenience had a service fee. A SIX DOLLAR SERVICE FEE! What the hell? So buddy gets his private dance. He's pretty pleased with that, but we've also been feeding him booze all night. He had fun, cool, all is happy. The shower show, which we paid pretty big money for is two girls in a shower, haranguing us for cash. Everything they did they required more money for. And they'd really hard sell it.
The shower show was also given while the feature was on stage, so you get one or the other. We chose wrong. The shower show was stupid. We paid to be panhandled by naked chicks.

So that's where we got hosed. Now lets talk about where we got outright stolen from.

It turns out one of the guys in our group paid with a hundred dollar bill. He watches the cashier put his hundred dollar bill under the $20 in the register. She then gives him change for a twenty. He says "Hey, I gave you a hundred." She says, "No, you gave me a twenty. Guys try to do this to me all the time." Like many guys in that environment he was feeling like he couldn't speak up and say he'd been had. I hope he changes his mind and calls them tomorrow.

Some of the dancers were extremely attractive and put on a good sexy show. The only thing the cheap, cheesy dive has going for it.

The dude that sold us the "Silver Package" is outside when we come out, waiting for the next sucker. He sees us. Does he ask how we like everything? Does he check in to see if we were pleased with our purchase, proud to have given us such a good time? No. He avoids eye contact. he knows he scammed us. And he knows we know.

To hell with that place. I'm no stranger to strip clubs. This was the sleaziest, tackiest crap I've seen. If you're having a bachelor party and you want a strip club, go elsewhere. Why doesn't someone open up a cool burlesque room in Sacramento? Hell, why don't I?


Anonymous said...

yeh this happened to me and my buddy went there to have a good time but it was rip off we paid $20 each for to get in (i think the entrace is like 10 or 15) but decided to leave after an hour the girls there was may be less than 10 so we watch for the whole our seeing same girl over and over. Another one when i went there for the first time i got a lap dance for only i believe it was 5 for a song the song was not more than 2 minutes and i ended up paying like 50 for like 7 min lap dance i was like wtf and after i got the lap dance she suppose to give me a free dvd but she did not tell me that so one of my friends ask me if i got it then i was like she did not give me so we ask one of the people that works there if i can get the dvd and she was like ask the one who gave me the lapdance and so i did she was no i had to negotiate to her to get the dvd. I think if you let them out smart you then they will take advantage. So if this will happen to anyone dont hesitate to complain.

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