Saturday, July 7, 2007

Super discount oil, all you can eat...

The oil companies are in jeopardy. Technology is moving at a fast clip toward non-fossil fuel driven cars, and the public has more reasons than ever to be attracted toward these new ideas as war, global warming and stupid Hollywood sequels are all blamed on our dependence on oil. In fact, we almost always refer now to foreign oil, and foreign aint never a good thing, right?

So why now, of all times would the money people in the crude game be gouging us at the pumps? Now is the time to make gas the affordable alternative. They know only too well that we, the public, will find a way to love whatever is cheapest and most convenient. But instead they push us into the arms of another by making gas an increasingly impractical option.

My theory, and you knew I'd have one; they know something we don't. They're going for broke while the getting is good because they know there are no long term prospects.

So what do they know? Which of the emerging technologies are they barely able to keep us from realizing is far superior and sure to replace their stinky product? Is it hydrogen? Solar? A new electric engine? Some combination of all of the above? We don't need a leaked memo, though it would be nice. We just need to do a little research to see where these big money folks are investing the dollars they take from us at the pump. I'm sure it could be researched easily enough, but I don't do research. What do you think I am? Some kind of journalist? No, I guess that's not a mistake that'd be made.

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