Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Visit From Jehovah's Witnesses

My wife politely let the two Jehovah's Witness ladies at our door know that we're atheists and then she invited them in because it was 103 out.

When they asked whose picture was on the wall my 4 year old daughter Max very matter-of-factly told them, "That's Louis Armstrong. He's not as good as my trumpet playing hero Dizzy Gillespie." Then she taught them all about dragons and dragon related accessories.


Andrew Hall said...

Two Witnesses came to visit years ago when we just moved into our house. I heard our pitbull/rottie mix barking, so I walked upstairs still covered with dirt and grime. Lo and behold, there were two ladies who wanted to talk Jesus with me. I smiled and said, "C'mon in!"

They just gave me their literature and left.

Never heard from them again.

Anonymous said...

Atheists and Jehovah's Witnesses share a lot in common:

*Both believe that when you die, you are dead. No bodily spirit that survives in another form. (Eccl. 9:5-10)

*Both hate the things done in the name of religion and the general hypocrisy of people who claim to worship God. JWs believe that the majority of religions are themselves based on errant human philosophy and are aligned with a world that has no future. Both believe the modern world is pretty much a mess BECAUSE of religion.

*Both believe that God does not perform modern miracles through humans.

*Both believe that having an open mind is the key to basing beliefs on truth rather than fictions of men.

*Both believe the world could not have been created in 6 literal days as measured on earth, but rather a process taking unknown epochs of time.

The real difference is that Witnesses choose to attribute the discoveries of science to a Creator who genuinely cares about people. And there are many very well known scientists, including geneticists, biologists, anthropologists, astronomers, and physicists who are themselves Jehovah's Witnesses (many of their stories appear in JW journals).


As a Witness, I actually PREFER to speak with atheists at the door than people of most religions (except Muslims, who are usually actually quite nice!). Atheists are decent, thinking people for the most part.

Thanks for inviting our brothers in on a hot day. We would definitely do the same for you! :)