Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Reasons Why Your Rape Joke Isn't Working Bro

10. Too believable. You're coming off too rapey. Some say the best way to fix this is not to tell rape jokes. This is what's known as The Rape Joke Paradox.
 9. Liberal Left Wing Agenda.
 8. Too many pussy whipped dudes in the crowd with their wives or girlfriends.
 7. ABC's The View
 6. You didn't yell the punch line loud enough
 5. You didn't actually repeat the word rape enough times
 4. They hate your freedom
 3. Feminists have no sense of humor
 2. They're frightened (and kind of excited) by your house arrest anklet
 1. You're too nice.

Was gonna add "They're gay. They're fuckin' gay." But I realized that in Bro-Speak, #7 already covered that.
Also, I'm pretty sure Obama had something to do with it

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Anonymous said...

#2 is my fave. just sayin. rape rape rape.