Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When The Truth Knocks, Will You Answer?

Knock! Knock!
Who's There? 
Truther Who?
I don't think anyone really knocked on the door. The government wants you to believe someone knocked. Why did the news originally report a ding dong noise? And what about the peep-hole. Wouldn't the homeowner have just looked through the peep-hole? There were reports of a second "knocker" that have just disappeared, not to be talked about after the first ten minutes of the story breaking. Did anyone examine the supposed knockers knuckles? The neighbors to the right and left didn't hear knocking. The town where the knocking occurred is a doorbell manufacturing town AND most of the homes have screen doors. If you add up the knocks it equals 2. September 11th, 11 looks like the roman numeral 2. If you don't see the Illuminati in this you're not looking hard enough. And why does my spell-check know to capitalize Illuminati? Microsoft is so in on this. Our country's security systems are run on Microsoft. Take off the blinders and put down the kool-aid,
they'll be "knocking" on your door next!!!

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Parts Guy said...

Not answering that door if you know what I mean. :)