Friday, May 6, 2011

Dogma Free Raw?

I am a rare breed in that I'm a skeptic who is stoked on raw food. Why should this be rare? Because the raw food movement is so chock full of dogma about it's miraculous powers. Fug all that. Listen, eating more food that grows out of the ground is good. Eating less manufactured food full of ingredients you can't pronounce is good. Eating raw food is good and besides its tasty and adventurous and fun cuisine. So, I was stoked to see Joshua Ploeg's newest zine is a raw food recipe book with a photo of a toilet seat written on in lipstick for it's cover. That ought to be a dogma free approach eh?

Ploeg is one talented guy. He catered my wedding, all vegan and it was yummy. The many non-vegans in attendance had no complaints. Check out his new zine here:

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Anonymous said...

As a skeptic, I think one really must chose one's battles. If you had to refute every specious claim that you came across, you'd be dead of exhaustion in six months. It's the FDA's job to knock down too-good-to-be-true claims about raw food anyway, right?

BTW, a few days ago someone shared with me the fact that the Illuminati opened up a riff to hell and let the lizard people out, and now they have occupied the souls of all of the leaders of the world. I was about to launch into a lecture about how conspiracy theories all tended to end up as an excuse to demonize Jews or some other despised subcultural group and that we shouldn't indulge them for this reason. But then, this person told me that many believed that Beyonce was a lizard person, and I was like, "Oh yeah, that's totally true."