Wednesday, September 29, 2010

God is a Chevy?

Posted to my youtube page: "hears one joke you may want to add to your gig , if i drive a Chevy and i don't believe in the Chevy manufacturer due to the fact that i have never seen him does that make me a double atheist . god bless you ! my prayers are with you ! the creator forgives in Jesus name , 2010 AD"

My answer: If you were to tell me the Chevy was made by a perfect being who was invisible and has always existed I would not believe you without solid evidence. Especially if some other folks told me it was a whole set of different invisible creatures that made the Chevy and countless other groups had still more claims about who made the Chevy. And if you all further told me the Chevy was, by design, perfect and the poor gas mileage and smog making qualities were intentional put there to test our faith in the Chevy designer, wouldn't I be justified in thinking you all a bit cracked? Have fun with your fantasies while we continue to figure out the reality of the universe around us.

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