Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Childhood Injuries

  1. Nail through cheek after brother dumped me from wheelbarrow, still have scar
  2. Sign post shaken loose by me and brothers, them from the bottom, me from the top. Sign came down with me still on it, put permanent scar on chest.
  3. Put foot in spokes while riding on back of mom's bicycle, slight scar.
  4. Broke thumb punching a kid in high school.
  5. Needed tetanus after being bit by another student in 4th grade.
  6. Jammed finger intentionally to get out of Volleyball in 11th grade, overdid it, ouch!
  7. Shoe print on face from fight with Tommy Butcher. You could literally make out the laces on my cheek.
  8. Countless sprained ankles and knocks to the noggin (explains a few things eh?) from skateboarding.
  9. Small scar between my eyes where I caught a b.b. from a b.b. gun.
  10. Scar on shin after being run over by a golf cart.

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