Monday, April 7, 2008

Pass The Torch

My buddy Jason and I were chatting about the Torch going through France. If you missed the news, protesters came out en masse and the torch was extinguished many time and transported by van over several stretches.

I noticed the French tried a pretty sneaky trick. During the most heavily protested parts of the course they used guys in wheel chairs (or they just had the runner sit in a wheel chair when they saw protester. "Merde! There they are. Okay Jaques, back in zee chair.") But the plan failed and the French protesters went right on chuckin’ water bottles and booin’.

I worry that in the American Torch relay the wheel chair trick will work and the protesters will refrain from bum rushing and then the wheel chair bound torch carrier will feel discriminated against and raise lawsuits against the protesters who failed to protest and just for once I’d really like us to NOT look stupid in the eyes of the world. I guess, what I’m really trying to say here is, "Hey, Tibet loving hippies, Go Get Them Crippled Bastards." but I mean it in the most politically correct way imaginable.

And to my friends in the media; there are plenty of really smart people that want to use this opportunity to say China Is Not Nice.
Please refrain from interviewing the frat boy who is there because, ""Dude, I’m totally opposed to China. I was at that Beastie Boys concert and like Tibet is soo rad and China is way lame." and also , please avoid the blogger who says "China is not nice."

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