Monday, April 7, 2008


We can learn a-lot from the Oreos Cookie folks.
Some guy is working in the factory, its probably late, he gets distracted by sheila, the smokin’ hot forklift driver and so...He Hits a Wrong Button!
The result is Oreos that have the colors reversed: White cookies, chocolate insides.
Does he get fired? No. The big bosses are cool. They just roll with it. "Uh Oh Oreos" hit the market. And they’re great.

The cereal folks understand the concept too. Remember Cap’n Crunch’s "Oops Just Berries"? Good stuff.

So look, let’s quit being dicks okay? Let’s get off George Bush’s ass. Get your American flag out, and just try to enjoy "Oops, we invaded the wrong country!" Really now, life doesn’t have to be so heavy.

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