Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Atheist Stand Up

So here's more from the same weekend of shows at The Geery. I was performing with Tapan Trivedi and Brent Weinbach.


Maribel said...

I like the ants bit, I guess you were more relaxed here, funny.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Thanks. Yeah, a bit more relaxed, which is funny because this is from the 1st night actually. I think I stressed out more after getting up there and realizing that I was a little rusty.
Stand up is one of those things you just have to stay on top of.
Thanks, glad you liked the ants bit. I do too.

Anonymous said...

"So I uh, burn 'em"

cc said...

Hilarous! I showed my 11 year old son ,who is doing his first stand up comedy soon, your atheist stand up and we both got a kick out of you!!!!
Your comedy sketch reminded my son and I of a religious clash at a large family get together, that included mostly Irish Catholics( including my creepy Uncle who is a Roman Catholic Priest)and my son and I, the atheists.
At dinner, my uncle asks my 8 year old son to say "prayer". So my son, with an confused and annoyed look on his face just says the word prayer. My uncle then trys to convince my son that he is supposed to be thanking God for the food that he brought to our table.
My son,even more tripped out, says My mom cooked that food so lets say thanks to her! The dinner contined to be awkardly funny, well at least to my son and I.
After seeing your clips,
Vincent says he is definetly going to include some atheist humor into his stand up show next month at his elementary school. Thanks xoxox

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

That's RAD. He should feel free to even use some of my material if he wishes. There's no shame in that if it's done with permission and I'd be flattered.
I'd love to come see his performance if that's possible.