Monday, October 31, 2005

Favorite Horror Films

It's Halloween and I'm thinking horror films. What are my favorites?

Number one would have to be Night Of The Living Dead. Claustrophobic, creepy, tense, socially relavent, beautifully shot and the most disturbing ending one could possibly imagine. The movie still scares the hell out of me and I watch it at least once a year.

Blair Witch Project is way up on my list as well. I watched it at an advanced screening a couple of days before it was officially released. The screening was at midnight and afterwards nobody wanted to walk home. When I did finally get home I took a shower with one eye open even as I washed my hair.

Dawn of The Dead, both versions, The Others, the made for TV Salem's Lot, Dr. Caligaries Cabinet, Maniac, Suspiria, Poltergiest, American Werewolf in London, reanimator and the 1st Nightmare Before Elm Street are all flicks that shook me up.

The hard core horror fans will find my list quite pedestian but I find too many folks just go in for the gore. Don't get me wrong, I love good gore, but a movie can scare me with or without gore and gore can also fail to scare me, even as it amazes me, if the writing isn't there. So, while I love gore flicks for their humor and inventiveness I don't think of all of them as horror films. Here are some gore and trash flicks that I reccommend.

2,000 Maniacs, Bucket of Blood (Corman at his best), Dead Alive, Evil Dead, Necromantic, there's more, but I have to go trick or treat. I'll put up pictures of our super decorated monster front yard soon. Having Skinner for a neighbor rules.

I have some experience showing horror films

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