Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lab Coat

I was an assistant manager at a PetCo.
The manager pretty much let me run the store while she locked herself in the office and ran her other business. She sold dog sperm. She had prize winning dogs and people around the globe would order sperm to impregnate their own dogs, hoping for more champions. There was a special place where she took the pooches for an "extraction".

This was great because she was an awful person (as are most people involved in dog shows) and being left alone was ok by me.

It was also terrifying because it assaulted me with the knowledge that someone, somewhere was jerking off dogs for a living.

I imagine this person wore a lab coat. I imagine they were seen by other people, out and about in their lab coat and admired, lab coats implying smarts rather than good wrists and a gentle touch.

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