Thursday, November 8, 2012

Buy my new album the 1st week it comes out!

Amazing Album Art by Elf Quest creator Wendy Pini
So, here is the deal, my album will come out in early December. Exact date soon. I want it on Amazon and iTune's top comedy album charts the week it comes out.

Here is what I'm gonna do... Free Video! I have a 30 minute bootleg style video of me just fucking KILLING that was recorded a month or more after the album recording so it has lots of new bits not on the CD. If you buy the CD in the 1st week, I'm gonna give you a code to get that video online, streaming or download, for free.

 But wait, there's more! For every day that I'm in the top 5 on iTunes AND for every day I'm in the top 5 on Amazon in the comedy category, I will shave my mustache off for a whole month. This isn't limited to the first week either. If I chart for 8 days, no 'stache for 8 months. And just so we're clear, if I chart on iTunes for 3 days and Amazon for 4, that's 7 months of no 'stache.
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