Thursday, January 19, 2012

Atheist Church Seeking Producer

I'm looking for someone to help me produce Atheist Church. I have over 5,000 youtube subscribers but I'm not having time to keep up with what was a weekly show for the first two years.
I have a nice camera, a Cannon GL2, though unfortunately it does use MiniDV tapes where I'd prefer to go digital.

What I'm looking for is someone to operate the camera, help edit and upload and someone with the technical know how to help me record Skype interviews with atheists of interest around the globe and to do live video chats as well.

What I can offer is a share in the youtube ad revenue, which at the moment is not much but I feel very strongly that it could be much more. And of course you'd be fully credited.

I got off to a great start doing just an amateur vlog type thing but I think we can take this think up a notch and really make it into something special.

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