Monday, August 1, 2011

Tour Schedule, coming to see you!

So, I'm heading out on a small West Coast Tour this September and October to support the release of Cats Made of Rabbits on CD and DVD, schedule to follow...

You can help. The easiest and best way to help is of course to come see me. Yeah! Do that. But I also would like to hear from anyone who can recommend blogs, zines, college or public radio shows that are friendly to independent type artists. I have a publicist and he knows how to go after the bigger fish, but it's the small, local folks that I tend to vibe the best with.

And, I'm very eager to work with any local Humanist, atheist, Free Thinker groups.

Tour Dates
Sept 18, Los Angeles, The Improv Lab 8:30pm
With Eric Cash and Andy Wood.
Sept 22, Chico, The Blue Room Theatre, 9:30pm
With John Ross
Sept 23, Sacramento - Sacramento Comedy Spot, 8pm
With Nick Aragon, Nick Pettigrew, Josh Barbee
Sept 24, San Francisco - The Dark Room Theatre, 10pm
With Trevor Hill
Sept 25, Santa Cruz - The Crow's Nest, 9pm
With Trevor Hill

October 15th, Portland, Curious Comedy Theater, 10pm
With Trevor Hill
October 16th, Seattle, The Comedy Underground, 8pm
With Derek Sheen, Emmett Montgomery, Trevor Hill


Mickie Rat said...

Ow, fuck! My face! My face hurts from trying not to laugh aloud like an idiot. An idiot who was dumb enough to try to listen to Cats Made Of Rabbits at my stateworker job. I'm not even joking, you know when you laugh too much and your face muscles hurt? That's me, right now. Thanks a lot for making a funny comedy CD, asshole! Now I'm in pain!
Love, Mickie Rat.

KLJ said...

Ah thanks Mickie! That's the best!