Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Have you called an 8 year old girl a cunt today?

c u n t
I fight with people on youtube. Christians mostly, the occasional Muslim and sometimes even other atheists. Yeah, it's my great shame. I don't drink, snort, shoot or lick anything I'm not supposed to but I do like to indulge in fighting on the internet.

When some creationist goon says something like, "If we came from monkeys, why they still monkeys?" I used to assume that I was talking to a child but time after time I'd check and find, to my amazement, that there are lots of very childish adults out there memorizing the Bible's less boring chapters.

After a while I quit checking. Actual kids it seemed were to busy posting "Justin Bieber is better than these guys" on Beatles videos to bother with the likes of me. Then I get a comment about how voo-doo is prominent in China and Japan and so they shouldn't be surprised to have been hit by God's wrath. This deep thought was followed by "U R Not Epic". A fan had referred to me as epic.

I wrote back that confusing Haiti with Japan and China was pretty fucking pathetic and closed out with "U R A Cunt".

Most surprised to see the reply "U MAKE ME SICK. SAYING THAT TO A SWEET 8 YEAR OLD GIRL!"
I clicked on the profile and saw a chubby 8 year old uploading videos with no parents anywhere to be seen.

A sane person should've just blocked her and deleted the whole exchange. That's not what I did. I replied "Your parents make me sick, letting a sweet 8 year old girl talk to strange adult men unsupervised on the internet."

Then I blocked her. And deleted the whole exchange.

Some days you fight the good fight. And some days you call an 8 year old girl a cunt.

At least I didn't tell her to google "Tub Girl" if she wanted to see some cute puppies. See, it could've been worse.


Anonymous said...

She probably was not an 8 year old. Do they even know what that word means. If you said that to Dylan who is also eight he would have no idea what you were talking about.

Temperance said...

What is Tub Girl? I don't want to google it. I'm scared.

ericfate said...

Tub Girl is an internet rite of passage.

Anonymous said...

If that's a direct quote of what "she" wrote, it's probably not an 8yo. Tweenagers aren't that cogent in their writing--even the smart ones. An actual 8yo VERY likely wouldn't be able to *write* out a sentence that complex.