Friday, October 3, 2008

An Atheist Symbol

Atheists want a symbol.

Christians have the cross, Muslims the crescent, Jews the star of David, etc. etc. (Sorry to the millions of religions who were reduced to an etc. )

The symbols I've seen proposed for us, frankly, suck. A check mark, a Scarlet Letter style A, a circle with a slash through it. I will admit I kind of liked the Ghostbusters symbol with a halo added above the ghost but I think I have found the ultimate symbol for us atheist.

This bunny having sex with a rooster (often labeled "Where Easter eggs come from.")

Why? Well, mostly because it would be so much fun to watch them try and work it into the Coexist bumper sticker. I've got $20 to the best (or first in case of a tie) photo-shop depicting that Coexist bumper sticker. E-mail me at keithlowelljensen @ gmail dot com with your entries. No attachments please.

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