Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sexy, Funny me

I am so sexy.
I am so funny.
No, for real. I know, I know, I had trouble believing it at first, but its true!
Have a peek at my myspace comments section. It's right there, written by a real live girl and a smart and pretty one at that (No, it isn't another of my fake profiles smartass!)

And hey, lucky you, you get to be friends with sexy, funny me. And as my less sexy, less funny friend you totally get my castoffs. It may not sound so great at first, but I'm married (and faithfully so) so my cast offs are to be plentiful. Yeah baby, that's the stuff.

Had an awesome night last night. Stepped outside of my safety zone and went to a mainstream, weeknight room where I wasn't performing within a theme and I did great. I had a good time and so did the audience. It is nice to know that I can still be funny without relying on my atheist material which only made up a tiny fraction of my shtick last night.

Speaking of, HOLY CRAP, look at the shows I have booked on my page. Coexist? is getting some amazing bookings. And there is even a secret booking that I'm not at liberty to discuss yet that is going to be AWESOME.

Okay then, bye bye.

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