Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bikini Beach (with Monster)

Sacramentonians make movies you know.

My pals (and sometimes collaborators) who put on the notorious Trash Film Orgy have made a feature length film called Monster From Bikini Beach and it makes it's world premier this Friday at The Crest Theatre.

It will be a night to remember I promise. It's really awesome when some ambitious poor folks decide to make a movie despite the fact that they don't have any of the resources one needs to make a movie. Eat It Hollywood! Who needs you?

So come on down and support something that really deserves your support while also enjoying some damn fine entertainment and some extraordinarily good company.

Click Here to visit the TFO website where you can get all the information you need.

(Okay, look, there are tons of really good looking women who dance about in bikinis in this movie and they're all going to be at the theater and will pretend they like you if you pay the $5.50 to get in. Sheesh. Thanks a-lot for making me stoop to that level. No, really, thanks.)


skinny said...

I just might be there. The combination of Bikini's and Monsters is necessary to the preservation of civilization.

mormonista said...

This blog brings me joy. Bring me fruits and grains and we will feast to its glory!