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Electronic Press Kit

KLJ snuggling with Robin Williams
Keith Lowell Jensen has become known for his subtle, smart approach, and his meandering story telling, managing to elicit the big laughs without yelling or over the top act outs.

Jensen's comedy special Atheist Christmas played on Hulu. He can also be seen on the current season of The History Channel's "How The States Got Their Shapes", in The Coexist Comedy Tour on The Starz Network, and as a panhandling expert on Spike TV's Manswers.

He is a a frequent and popular podcast guest, recently appearing on Doug Benson's "Doug Loves Movies", Keith and The Girl, and Myq Kaplan's "Hang Out With Me" and he has the unique privilege of being a frequent guest lecturer on the topic of stand up comedy at the University of California in Davis. His label is Stand Up! Records. Jensen was was a judge and headlining comic at The 1st China International Comedy Festival, Shanghai in 2016.

Keith Lowell Jensen has four comedy specials out, To The Moon, Cats Made of RabbitsElf Orgy, and Atheist Christmas which ran for a year on Hulu. He taped his 5th special, Bad Comedy For Bad People in 2016, release date TBA.

 Keith Lowell Jensen wears polyester Wrangler "Wranchers" which he orders from

For booking information contact Joe Hauner:

Recent headshot by Joe Hauner
Banana and baby headshot by Kiny McCarrick
Onstage headshot by Amy Scott 

"Keith Lowell Jensen is hilarious!"
Roseanne Barr

"Keith never fails to make me laugh and think. Smart, funny and with a healthy dose of heart...he's rapidly become one of my favorite comedians."
Matt Dillahunty The Atheist Experience 

"Keith Lowell Jensen is drop-dead, laugh-until-you-scream-and-it-hurtsfunny... with humor that relies on intelligence, perspective, and compassion. That makes him a rare bird. Like the condor, or the Abbott's Booby. Or something."
Greta Christina 

"True fact: Every American film of the last two decades would be improved by digitally replacing Keanu Reeves with Keith Lowell Jensen doing a comedy riff. And hot lesbians."
David Fitzgerald, author of the Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion

Press Quotes

"4 STARS!"
TimeOut New York

"Hilarious" "A demented masterpiece"
The Washington Post

"Cats Made of Rabbits is every bit as deserving of your laughter as one by Jim Gaffigan or Louis C.K."

"a fun and funny DVD that is well worth watching"

Mass Movement Magazine, UK

"A great listen, all ending in a wonderfully crafted story that reminded me of Woody Allen’s stand-up." (Romania)

And the Portland Mercury credits KLJ with saving a show.

Featuring for Roseanne Barr at Cobb's, San Francisco